getSentinel_restore requests to restore Setninel datasets that have been archived by ESA to the Copernicus Long-Term Archive (LTA) (see argument check_avail of getSentinel_query).

getSentinel_restore(record, username = NULL, password = NULL,
  hub = "auto", verbose = TRUE)



data.frame, single row data.frame collected from the return of getSentinel_query, representing the selected record and all its attributes.


character, a valid user name to the ESA Copernicus Open Access Hub. If NULL (default), the session-wide login credentials are used (see login_CopHub for details on registration).


character, the password to the specified user account. If NULL (default) and no seesion-wide password is defined, it is asked interactively ((see login_CopHub for details on registration).


character, either "auto" to access the Copernicus Open Access Hubs by platform input, "operational" to look for ESA's operational products from the Open Hub, "pre-ops" to look for pre-operational products from the Pre-Ops Hub (e.g. currently all Sentinel-3 products), or an valid API URL. Default is "auto".


logical, if TRUE, details on the function's progress will be visibile on the console. Default is TRUE.


TRUE on success.

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