getSentinel_preview previews single image as RGB plot which had been queried using getSentinel_query. The function is useful to apply visual checks to records before downloading them.

getSentinel_preview(record, on_map = TRUE, show_aoi = TRUE,
  username = NULL, password = NULL, hub = "auto", verbose = TRUE)



data.frame, single row data.frame collected from the return of getSentinel_query, representing the selected record and all its attributes.


logical, if TRUE, the preview is displaed corner-georeferenced on a map. If FALSE, a simple RGB plot is displayed. Default is TRUE.


logical, if TRUE, the session AOI defined with set_aoi is drawn to the map viewer. Ignored, if on_map = FALSE or if no AOI has been defined with set_aoi. Default is TRUE.


character, a valid user name to the ESA Copernicus Open Access Hub. If NULL (default), the session-wide login credentials are used (see login_CopHub for details on registration).


character, the password to the specified user account. If NULL (default) and no seesion-wide password is defined, it is asked interactively ((see login_CopHub for details on registration).


character, either "auto" to access the Copernicus Open Access Hubs by platform input, "operational" to look for ESA's operational products from the Open Hub, "pre-ops" to look for pre-operational products from the Pre-Ops Hub (e.g. currently all Sentinel-3 products), or an valid API URL. Default is "auto".


logical, if TRUE, details on the function's progress will be visibile on the console. Default is TRUE.


None. A plot/view display is generated.

See also


## Load packages library(getSpatialData) library(raster) library(sf) library(sp) ## Define an AOI (either matrix, sf or sp object) data("aoi_data") # example aoi aoi <- aoi_data[[3]] # AOI as matrix object, or better: aoi <- aoi_data[[2]] # AOI as sp object, or: aoi <- aoi_data[[1]] # AOI as sf object ## set AOI for this session set_aoi(aoi) view_aoi() #view AOI in viewer # or, simply call set_aoi() without argument to interactively draw an AOI ## Define time range and platform time_range <- c("2017-08-01", "2017-08-30") platform <- "Sentinel-2" ## set login credentials and an archive directory
# NOT RUN { login_CopHub(username = "username") #asks for password or define 'password' set_archive("/path/to/archive/") ## Use getSentinel_query to search for data (using the session AOI) records <- getSentinel_query(time_range = time_range, platform = platform) ## Get an overview of the records View(records) #get an overview about the search records colnames(records) #see all available filter attributes unique(records$processinglevel) #use one of the, e.g. to see available processing levels ## Filter the records records_filtered <- records[which(records$processinglevel == "Level-1C"),] #filter by Level ## Preview a single record getSentinel_preview(record = records_filtered[5,]) ## Download some datasets datasets <- getSentinel_data(records = records_filtered[c(4,5,6),]) ## Make them ready to use datasets_prep <- prepSentinel(datasets, format = "tiff") ## Load them to R r <- stack(datasets_prep[[1]][[1]][1]) #first dataset, first tile, 10m resoultion # }