getMODIS_data downloads MODIS data queried using getMODIS_query from different sources.

getMODIS_data(records, dir_out = NULL, force = FALSE, verbose = TRUE)



data.frame, one or multiple records (each represented by one row), as it is returned by getMODIS_query.


character, full path to download target directory. Optional. If not set, getMODIS_data uses the directory to the getSpatialData archive folder. Use set_archive to once define a getSpatialData archive folder.


logical. If TRUE, download is forced even if file already exisits in the download directory. Default is FALSE.


logical, if TRUE, details on the function's progress will be visibile on the console. Default is TRUE.


Character vector of paths to the downloaded files.


getMODIS_data downloads MODIS data from the Level-1 and Atmosphere Archive & Distribution System (LAADS) of NASA's Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland (

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## Load packages library(getSpatialData) library(sf) ## set aoi and time range for the query set_aoi(aoi_data[[1]]) time_range <- c("2017-08-01", "2017-08-30") ## Login to USGS ERS
# NOT RUN { login_USGS("username") ## set archive directory set_archive("/path/to/archive/") ## get available products and select one product_names <- getMODIS_names() product <- grep("MOD13Q1", product_names, value = T) ## query for records for your AOI, time range and product query <- getMODIS_query(time_range = time_range, name = product) ## preview a record getMODIS_preview(query[1,]) ## download records 1 and 2 files <- getMODIS_data(query[1:2,]) # }