You have connected to, a blog about what I do and like, and what I am interested in. This includes Earth Observation and geoanalysis, software development (mostly R and Python, sometimes C++ or something exotic to me), machine learning, animal tracking, forests, rockets, space and maybe some personal projects.

I am a PhD student at the University of Wuerzburg and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany. You can find me on the web here and here. I am also using Twitter and maintain a profile on GitHub.

I am doing this blog, since, on the one hand, I simply like building things, such as this blog itself using great open-source tools and themes (I use jekyll as underlying site and blog architecture and Type on Strap as design, all running on my GitHub account thanks to GitHub Pages; visit the repository here). On the other hand, I want to challenge myself to document some of the things I daily do and think about, in a way that could be useful or interesting to others. This includes technical stuff, like cool coding solutions which maybe will only be seen as beautiful as they seem to me by other code geeks, but also comprehensive descriptions of what I am scientifically doing or thinking. The latter always sounds easy to me in theory, but whenever I am talking with people that are not in touch with my field or even do not have anything to do with science, I found myself struggeling explaining in precise, but not to simplified ways what I am actually doing everyday.

I hope, this blog will be an interesting collection of interesting things that also you find - at least - interesting to read.

This blog also features blog posts of mine that had been published somewhere else on the web initially. The original publication sources are marked at the end of these posts. This blog might contain opinions which are my own. This blog does not use any web tracking techniques and does not place cookies. Its source code is openly accessible here.